Congressi anno: 2016

Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research
September 12-16 in Aix-les-Bains (F) (2016)
Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research
Aix-les-Bains (F)
Argomento/i principali
FLAIR 2016 is the 5th edition of the international conference series Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research, initiated in 2007 by Peter Werle and Francesco D'Amato. It aims to bring together researchers from both industrial and academic research laboratories and institutions to stimulate new research initiatives and field laser applications involving sensitive and selective detection of molecular species with a broad interdisciplinary approach. FLAIR provides overview lectures by international experts, emphasizing integrative and multi-disciplinary approaches. Talks and posters will be presented by laser detection specialists, but also by researchers active in one of the fields of application (atmospheric monitoring, industrial process control, biomedicine, combustion science, etc.) who are highly familiar with the measurement challenges in an industrial or research setting, but may have limited knowledge of laser-based solutions. Special industry sessions and an exhibition enable our industrial partners to highlight recent progress of commercial systems. The social events help to foster an atmosphere in which it is easy to discuss and interact with researchers across different disciplines.
Comitato Organizzatore:
Chairmen: Francesco D'Amato, CNR-INO, Firenze Erik Kerstel, UJF, Grenoble Local Organization Roberto Grilli, UJF, Grenoble Silvia Viciani, CNR-INO, Firenze
Comitato Scientifico:
Lukas Emmenegger, EMPA, Switzerland Alan Fried, University of Colorado, USA Livio Gianfrani, 2nd University of Naples, Italy Frans Harren, Nijmegen University, The Netherlands Clemens Kaminski, University of Cambridge, UK Kevin Lehmann, University of Virginia, USA Jürgen Röpcke, INP Greifswald, Germany Frank Tittel, Rice University, USA Gerard Wysocki, Princeton University, USA
Personale INO coinvolto: D'Amato Francesco, Viciani Silvia.

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